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3D Model of the Church

In the video is shown the high quality 3D model of the Church before the renovation. In order to have the digital model of the building to get more detailed info about the external condition of the church and to measure the size of different parts of the building. By using DJI Matrice 210 drone with Zenmuse X5 camera, the time of inspection was decreased from hours to minutes and 3D model was made much easier.

Student Dormitory Building

By cooperating with University we made thermal inspection of the building and collected photos of the building to make 3D model of the dormitory. In this case, we used DJI Matrice 210 drone with dual gimbals, with Zenmuse X5 camera and Zenmuse XT2 (thermal camera). The Manual and Automated flight was made because of close objects around the building. It took 25 minutes to collect all needed data and 45 min for whole operation.

As the result we prepared 2 kind of data: 1. 3D model of the building; 2. Thermal photos The 3D model of the building, so third party experts can use it to measure the Roof, windows or any other part of the dormitory to get needed metrics to calculate building materials for renovation. Thermal images, to detect the heat (or air) leak spots on building. To get more information about the isolation of the walls and the roof. This information helps to Renovation company to compare the thermal isolation of the building before and after renovation.

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